Ane no Kekkon Manga

Ane no Kekkon Manga


Ane no Kekkon

Alternate Name: My Elder Sister's Marriage
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Author: NISHI Keiko
Artist: NISHI Keiko
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Josei Romance Slice of Life
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From Stiletto Heels: Iwatani Yori is a 39-year-old woman who leads a quiet life while working at the library. She thinks things like love and marriage are too troublesome. A handsome, but suspicious man appears before her, claiming to be an old childhood friend. While suspected to be a fraud, Maki has cared for Yori since he was a boy. But he’s also a married man–married to a woman that looks exactly like Yori. This apparently doesn’t stop him from chasing down Yori who desperately tries to avoid him. -------- From JShoujo Scans: Yori Iwatani is close to her 40s and is giving up on love and marriage. She has decided to live a quiet solitary life in her hometown. But when a handsome former classmate appears, things change for her.

Chapter Name Date Added
Ane no Kekkon 1 : When a Woman Quits Being a Woman
Ane no Kekkon 2 : Pigs and Shoes
Ane no Kekkon 3 : Ah. Unsweetened
Ane no Kekkon 4 : Shimura! Behind You! Behind You!
Ane no Kekkon 5 : Correcting an Apology
Ane no Kekkon 6 : Dr. Makys Dirty Weekend
Ane no Kekkon 7 : What Do You Want To Do
Ane no Kekkon 8 : Rendezvous at the Hotel, Farewell at the Hotel
Ane no Kekkon 9 : Morals, Desires, and a Bath
Ane no Kekkon 10 : Trauma at Uzumaki Island
Ane no Kekkon 11 : Trauma at Uzumaki Island 002
Ane no Kekkon 12 : Crazy Love Real Estate News