Butsu Zone Manga

Butsu Zone Manga


Butsu Zone

Alternate Name: Death Zero, Itako no Anna
Year of Release: 1997
Status: Completed
Author: TAKEI Hiroyuki
Artist: TAKEI Hiroyuki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Shounen Supernatural
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Of Shaman King fame, here's another series by Hiroyuki Takei about a buddha with the 1,000 arms armor. Sennju, an emissary of the buddha Kannon, appears in the human world to find and protect the reincarnation of the buddha Mirokou. The emissary arrives on Earth just in time to save a young girl from being bullied by some rough looking men. Just who is this girl and will she believe that he's a buddha who was sent by Kannon? * Also included are three oneshots; two of them are called Death Zero and Itako no Anna. • Death Zero - A WWII pilot was shot done and killed, but he still had a promise to keep, that not even death could stop him. • Itako no Anna - Anna is an Itako, a priestess who can call upon spirits, learning the trade with her grandmother. One day, they run into a temple to find the master of the temple quarreling with a sword collector over whether the sword may be removed from the temple or not. And she and her grandmother decide to call upon the original owner of the sword and aid the temple master.

Chapter Name Date Added
Butsu Zone 1 : Volume 1
Butsu Zone 2 : Volume 2
Butsu Zone 3 : Volume 3