Flesh Coloured Horror Manga

Flesh Coloured Horror Manga


Flesh Coloured Horror

Alternate Name: Nikku Iro no Kai
Year of Release: 1987
Status: Ongoing
Author: Ito, Junji (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Horror Mystery Supernatural
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One of the story of a collection of six horror stories by Junji Ito. Featuring stories such as Long Hair in the Attic. Consistsof: Each volume has its own title: 1. Tomie 1 (scanlated) 2. Tomie 2 (scanlated) 3. Flesh Colored Horror (scanlated) 4. Kao Dorobou (The Face Burglar) 5. Souichi no Tanoshii Nikki (Souichi\'s Diary of Delights) 6. Souichi no Noroi Nikki (Souichi\'s Diary of Curses) 7. Namekuji no Shoujo (Slug Girl) 8. Chi Tamaki (Blood-bubble Bushes) 9. Kubi Gensou (Hallucinations) 10. Ayatsuri no Yashiki (House of the Marionettes) 11. Michi no Naimachi (The Town Without Streets) 12. Ijimetsu Musume (The Bully) 13. Circus ga Kita (The Circus is Here) 14. Tunnel no Tan (The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel) 15. Shibito no Kowazurai (Lovesick Dead) (scanlated) 16. Frankenstein

Chapter Name Date Added
Flesh Coloured Horror 1 : Long Hair in the Attic
Flesh Coloured Horror 2 : Approval
Flesh Coloured Horror 3 : Beehive
Flesh Coloured Horror 4 : Dying Young
Flesh Coloured Horror 5 : Headless Sculptures
Flesh Coloured Horror 6 : Flesh-Colored Horror