Ichiba Kurogane wa Kasegitai Manga

Ichiba Kurogane wa Kasegitai Manga


Ichiba Kurogane wa Kasegitai

Alternate Name: Ichiba Kurogane ha Kasegitai ; Ichiba Kurogane Wants to Earn Income
Year of Release: 2015
Status: Completed
Author: GOTOU Masaki
Artist: GOTOU Masaki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Drama School Life Shounen
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Ichiba Kurogane is the son of a rich business family, but he wants to earn money by his own power. For this, he goes to Gakuenzono Academy, where students are scored only by how much money they can earn! Within the school, all transactions are made with school-yen, and anything else is forbidden. Kurogane can tell by sight which people are going to be big earners, and he ends up latching onto a young cook, Naruko Hana. Hana has her own Japanese cuisine cooking club, with a rundown, unpopular, soon-to-be-closed restaurant. With his help to gain customers, she may be able to realize the true earning potential of her cooking skill! Unfortunately, Kurogane brought his wallet with him to school, and its contents involved a rule infraction that ended up saddling him with a 1 billion school-yen fine! The merciless student council president, Asamatsuri Hagane, demands that he pay a hefty installment on the fine each month or face expulsion. Will Kurogane be able to overcome this setback and reach his own earning potential?