Jauhara Genya Manga

Jauhara Genya Manga


Jauhara Genya

Alternate Name: Jauhara Lailah, Jauhara Lyra, Jauhara Raira, Jawhara, Jawhara Lailah, Jawhara Nights
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Completed
Author: NESUMI Chisato
Artist: NESUMI Chisato
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Historical Shoujo
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From Mad Hatter Scans In the desert land of Halvatt, the' friendly' rivalry between a prince and thief turns into an unexpected adventure as they discover mysteries and secrets of an ancient legend that turns out to be true. From Nevermore Scans: Jauhara Genya: A good looking thief x a handsome prince, where will they get their treasure? Halvard is a country surrounded by sand and blistering winds. In here is Ghee, whose family's occupation is that of a thief. And as long as he is Royalty, for the sake of capturing Ghee, Urupika has been pursuing Ghee. One day, by accident, the two of them fall down into some ancient ruins. Within these ruins is a secret from the founding of a nation. And to search for this treasure, they seize the key to their family's secrets...? The riddle of the treasure hunt is approaching, an Arabian romantic fantasy begins.

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