Kamisama Game Manga

Kamisama Game Manga


Kamisama Game

Alternate Name: The God Game
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: MIYAZAKI Shuu (story), YOSHIMURA Takumi (Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Shoujo Supernatural
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Akiba Takara, top student and vice-president of Kanou High s student council, has it all going for him. Or so it seems. Cursed by the goddess Kanou to remain in Kanou City until he fulfills a hundred peoples wishes, Akiba s dream to control the world is in jeopardy. Then one day, Akiba and his council receive a strange task -- to find the god hidden in their school within one month, or perish together with the rest of the world. Will they find the god in time? Or will they be wiped out, along with Akiba s grand ambitions? Now let the game begin... Source: Storm in Heaven Manga adaptation of a Light Novel series by the same title.

Chapter Name Date Added
Kamisama Game 1 : Lets Start This Game Of Hide And Seek
Kamisama Game 2 : What a God Makes
Kamisama Game 3 : Campus Chaos
Kamisama Game 4 : Search for the Seven Mysteries
Kamisama Game 5 : Friend's Memories
Kamisama Game 6 : Fate's Flag