Kattobi Itto Manga

Kattobi Itto Manga


Kattobi Itto

Alternate Name: Shen Tong Shao Nian, Mao Wang Qian Feng, Jindo
Year of Release: 1986
Status: Ongoing
Author: MONMA Motoki
Artist: MONMA Motoki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Shounen Sports
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Katori Itto and Yura Kazuma are childhood rivals. Itto is small and quarrelsome while Kazuma is big and vindictive. Itto has been holding a grudge against Kazuma for a long time from the scar Kazuma made him five years ago during a fight… After years of travelling with his father, Itto finally returns to Japan only to reunite with a childhood rival, Kazuma. A very hilarious combination of circumstances will bring the unpredictable Itto to join Kazuma's soccer team at Seiga Middle School… The manga follows this wacky duo as they, alongside the rest of the team, 'battle' other middle school teams on the road to becoming Japan 's best. The intense footy goodness is only second to the ridiculously hilarious situations that Itto somehow manages to find himself in.

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