Kimi Ni XOXO Manga

Kimi Ni XOXO Manga


Kimi Ni XOXO

Alternate Name: Kisses & Hugs, XOXO For You
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Completed
Author: MIZUNO Tohko
Artist: MIZUNO Tohko
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance School Life Shoujo
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Fujita is a second year middle school student with a face as pretty as a girls. On top of that he is whimpy and a bit of a crybaby so he is often confused for a girl. Echo-chan is a fairy who promises to grant his wish and turn him into a strong and attractive man capable of sweeping Onigasaki, his unrequited love, off her feet if he agrees to help her.

Chapter Name Date Added
Kimi Ni XOXO 1 :
Kimi Ni XOXO 2 : 2
Kimi Ni XOXO 3 : 3
Kimi Ni XOXO 4 :
Kimi Ni XOXO 5 :