Kindan no Koibito Manga

Kindan no Koibito Manga


Kindan no Koibito

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Ongoing
Author: IKEZAWA Satomi, ISHIKO, KUMAOKA Fuyu, MIYOSHI Maki, WATANABE Ayu (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
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Simple Kiss by Watanabe Ayu. - Once in a while, we kiss in secret. We are not lovers. We’re just “friends who kiss”. This was supposed to be a simple relationship, but… Guruguru Pon-chan Okawari by Ikezawa Satomi. - With a miraculous invention, a small dog (male chihuahua) turns into a human! This is the interesting story of Sakura (human female) and a chihuahua living together! Akarui Mirai by Miyoshi Maki. - To Sensei, I’m just a “student”, but to me, he’s a “man”. Although it’s not a love that is permitted, will this feeling of love that I have for Sensei ever reach him? Goodbye, Friend by Kumaoka Fuya. - Kyoko was confessed to by the guy her best friend likes. Although her friend is very important to her, and she definitely doesn’t want to lose her friendship with her, she can’t bring herself to break up with him… Kimi ni Tsugu by Ishiko. - July 7th. I dye my hair and turn into my dead twin brother. Both my twin brother and I loved the same girl, and I can’t tell her the feelings I have for her because it is the punishment I gave myself…

Chapter Name Date Added
Kindan no Koibito 1 : Simple Kiss by Watanabe Ayu.
Kindan no Koibito 2 : Extremely Spoiled Shogun
Kindan no Koibito 3 : Akarui Mirai
Kindan no Koibito 4 : Goodbye, Friend