Tribal 12 Manga

Tribal 12 Manga


Tribal 12

Alternate Name: Tribal Twelve
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: Osada, Yu-Ko (Story & Art)
Artist: Osada, Yu-Ko (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Shounen Supernatural
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The world changed because one girl lost the one dearest to her. The grief-stricken girl kept searching for a way to bring him back to her, eventually became a scientist, creating a substance that looked to have promising results. That substance was ‘Metaphysic particles’ which could transform mankind’s wildest dreams into reality, wondrous particles that could smash the divide between the spirit and the being. But a grave error occurred in the research before it reached completion, and the Metaphysic particles were spread throughout the world. Incredible occurrences were happening throughout the world. ‘Monsters’ which preyed on humans appeared, recognized by the masses to be a consequence of the Metaphysic particles. It appeared to them to be the girl’s fault, and they ostracized her, calling her ‘The Witch’. But from the masses emerged people who could use the Metaphysic particles to do battle with the monsters, Knights of Justice who transformed their beliefs into magical creatures to defeat the monsters. Using the twelve devices ‘Accessories’ that could magnify these beliefs, they became known as ‘12’ This is a story of a world where dreams become reality…

Chapter Name Date Added
Tribal 12 1 : The Final Test
Tribal 12 2 : Institution
Tribal 12 3 : Hometown
Tribal 12 4 : Battle to Annihilate 12 Part 1
Tribal 12 5 : Battle To Aniihilate
Tribal 12 6 : Nightmare