Usotsuki Marriage Manga

Usotsuki Marriage Manga


Usotsuki Marriage

Alternate Name: Deceitful Marriage
Year of Release:
Status: Completed
Author: Toda, Megumi (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Josei Romance
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Even though Narumi is an amateur when it comes to flower arranging, it is still her dream to make flower arrangements for weddings and to have a romantic wedding surrounded by flowers and lights with the person she loves most. However, while she was delivering some things to the wedding place, she suddenly has to take the bridal wear’s role…?! A competition between the cold blooded person-in-change who said, \'Wedding is just a contract,\' together with other titles like, \'Great Tactic Bridal Advisor’s Close Contest\', \'Meet with Natural Enemy at an Alumni Gathering’s Love Affair\', and many others. Suitable for adult females’ love lives, happy wedding short stories.

Chapter Name Date Added
Usotsuki Marriage 1 : 1
Usotsuki Marriage 2 : 2
Usotsuki Marriage 3 : 3